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>Click on link above

>Click on “Find a Dentist” at top

>Select Access ePPO

Member Fee Schedule for Access ePPO Plan  


>Click on link above for Member Fee Schedule

>Click on Our Plans at top. Choose PPO Plans

>Click on Access eppo on the left side

> Scroll down to “Download our fee schedule” and select Schedule C2

Annual maximum:    

$2,000 per calendar year per family member  (Jan 1 – Dec 31)

Calendar Year Deductible:

$25/$75 on Basic and Major Services. See Benefit Summary for more details

Orthodontic coverage:    


> A Individual Orthodontic Plan is offered for a one time fee of $49

> Click on link above to Download brochure for more details and Enrollment Form

>Click on Our Plans - On left side Click on Discount Plans  - Scroll down to Ortho Select and click on “Click Here” for brochure and enrollment form.

Bi-Weekly Rates for ACCESS EPPO

Only available to Maryland/DC/VA

Employee                    $ 9.00

Employee + Spouse    $16.00

Employee + Child        $16.00

Family                          $21.00

Bi-Weekly Rates for Choice PPO Single Option.  Available to Everyone in United States

Employee                    $16.00

Employee + Spouse    $30.00

Employee + Child        $30.00

Family                          $43.00

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